Trapper Poacher featured image

Trapper Poacher Review

The Trapper Poacher is a twin that blends precision and power. How does this quiver-of-one stand up against more powder specific shapes? Click through for the in depth review.
Trapper Trout Trap beauty

Trapper Trout Trap Review

The Trout Trap is Trapper's fully directional chopped-tail powder board. Described by Trapper as their powder surfer quiver board, a closer look at the specs suggest more all-mountain ability alongside deep day flotation. Read our full review here.
Fitwell backcountry featured image

Fitwell Backcountry Boot Review

The Fitwell Backcountry is a splitboard mountaineering boot designed to get you to the goods faster and safer. Read on for the full Japan Grabs review.
Gentemstick Fly Fisk Feature Image

Gentemstick Flyfisk Review

The Gentemstick Flyfisk is Taro Tamai's vision of all terrain freedom for Mads Jonsson. Is this high-end snow craft a keeper or catch and release?
Trapper Ursa Major Feature Image

Trapper Ursa Major Review

Our in-depth review of the Trapper Ursa Major: a highly adaptable all-mountain snowboard, hand-crafted in Revelstoke, B.C. and the quality shines through.