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Good stuff from snowboarding and sideways culture in Japan

Mark Rainery Recut Feature

Mark Rainery REcut

Mark Rainery's 'REcut' edit features a healthy serving of deep Japanese powder. The first two minutes of his travels from the Middle Path Project's Floating Pyramids movie show the fruits of connecting with local riders in Hakuba.

Event: Seki Onsen CHAOS jam

As spring breaks in Japan, there comes a time to give up on the powder chasing and get down with some serious spring slush fun. A time when nothing is better than gathering together to session fun features, BBQ, drink beer and do handplants. The CHAOS jam (aka CHAOS Stage 2) held in the characterful Seki Onsen tucked away in Myoko, is just such a time.

Interview: Hachi crew

Hachi are a crew of friends, riding and filming together in the Hakuba powder. Japan Grabs caught up with them to hear about the making of their last movie.
Matt Cummins

Interview: Matt Cummins

Japan Grabs caught up with Pacific Northwest legend Matt Cummins to hear about his experiences of riding in Japan, his links to the Tenjin Banked Slalom, and his thoughts on the direction of powder board design.