Lib Tech

Lib Tech Round Nose Fish Featured image

Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish Review

With schools of powder fish shapes available, will the Lib Tech Mayhem Round Nose Fish be your go-to to surf the mountains? Read on for the in depth review.
Lib Tech Mayhem Rocket Featured Image

Lib Tech Mayhem Rocket Review

Lost surfboards meets Lib Tech snowboards in this wide slashy surf machine. Read on to find out if mixing the surf pedigree of a core brand like Lost Surfboards into a Lib Tech powder board will change the way you snowboard.
Matt Cummins

Interview: Matt Cummins

Japan Grabs caught up with Pacific Northwest legend Matt Cummins to hear about his experiences of riding in Japan, his links to the Tenjin Banked Slalom, and his thoughts on the direction of powder board design.
Lib Tech Rat Tail Feature Image

Lib Tech Rat Tail Review

The Lib Tech Rat Tail summons visions of busting Jamie Lynn methods over powder pillows. Will the unique shape unleash your 'inner rat' or make you call for rodent control?
Lib Tech La Nina Feature Image

Lib Tech La Nina Review

Forged from 25 years of all-terrain ripping on Mt. Baker. Is this one board to rule them all?